Dr. Bojrab Testimonial Video

Dr. Bojrab Testimonial


Indiana Health Group is a large multi-disciplinary Mental Health practice. We're currently the largest behavioral health practice in the State of Indiana with a total of 42 clinicians that are servicing patients from out Central Indiana. My favorite feature of iSALUS, that's a tough one to limit to just one. Since we're practice consisting not just of physicians but also of mid-level practitioners and other non-position practitioners, it was nice to see a company that was willing to be flexible in terms of how they arrange the contracting and just the flexibility of the application of the service in general.

One the real strengths of the system is its flexibility. The ability to make your own template, to take an existing template and modify it to really fit your workflow. So you really can design a system around your workflow. You're not forced into fitting into somebody else's decision about the best way of doing things.

In particular, over the past couple of years in Psychiatry we've seen some significant changes to our diagnostic and statistical manual, the DSM, which is currently in its fifth iteration. iSALUS was able to very quickly adopt these changes as it applied to our billing functionality in the diagnostic system within the system. So it became a very fluid transition through this process, when a lot my colleagues were really struggling with their systems trying to play catch up for quite a time.

To be honest with you, I think most physicians and most groups look at the transition to electronic health record system as something to be feared or loathed. When I think back about the implementation of the system for our practice, I'll have to say that it was a smoother experience than what I was expecting. Mental Health billing is among the most difficult types to billing that there is. Our challenge is not in finding the appropriate code, it’s in tracking the charges, tracking the payments. And I’m happy to say that using the system our billing department consisting of primarily two people for staff a forty-two clinicians maintains over a 99% collection rate. It’s a system that also allows us very easily to track a patient's prescriptions, so we don't have the repetitive task of having to rewrite a prescription. For most patients, when I'm seeing them for follow up, if nothing has changed rewriting a prescription is nothing more than clicking a box and pushing a button and either sending it off for printing that prescription.