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Visualize Outcomes

Easy Access to Critical Patient Information.

As a County Health Department, you deal with a variety of conditions every day. Having easy access to key clinical data about a patient’s condition is crucial to the quality of care you provide. OfficeEMR™’s award-winning, interactive summary lets you quickly graph a patient’s vitals, medications, lab results and more in a single screen. Now you can visualize the impact of your treatment plan.

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Time Tracking

Custom Reporting That Increases Efficiency.

Does it seem like your staff spends more time tracking their activities than with your patients? OfficeEMR™’s time tracking allows staff members to quickly enter and track their time based on activities and programs. The customized reporting capability makes month, quarter and year-end activity reporting a breeze, all the while improving grant writing and making compliance easier to achieve.

Spend More Time With Patients
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Data Becomes Useful

Turn Volumes of Data into Actionable Information.

OfficeEMR™ allows you to quickly visualize clinical markers in your patient’s timeline to glean the information needed for important treatment decisions. Without moving between tabs, easily view medications, encounter notes, order results, communications and other information you need to understand their entire health profile.

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Prescribing Made Easy

Writing Prescriptions Shouldn’t be a Nightmare.

OfficeEMR™ lets providers enjoy a simple, yet powerful electronic prescription writing tool that not only resembles the look and feel of a prescription pad, but does so much more! OfficeEMR™’s electronic prescribing functionality is easy to use and includes the option to interface with a variety of onsite pharmacy dispensing solutions. Users also have the ability to prescribe from a list of frequently used pharmaceuticals or choose from the complete list of FDA approved and over-the-counter medications.

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