Communication Hub Video

Communication Hub Video


This is Dr. Patel. His true passion is caring for patients. He knows the Affordable Care Act will ensure 2-30 million new patients and that declining reimbursements mean his office must increase efficiency. Dr. Patel struggles to efficiently communicate with staff and patients because he receives communication through several fragmented and disparate communication vehicles. Today Dr. Patel receives refill requests on sticky notes, patient phone messages on memo slips, chart review requests in a physical inbox, patient related faxes in a physical inbox, lab reports through a lab company login and staff personnel requests via office email. So what’s a busy doctor to do to avoid this exhausting communication process besides drink 10 cups of coffee per day?

After reviewing several EHR vendors, Dr. Patel selected iSALUS Healthcare’s OfficeEMRTM. Now, Dr. Patel, his clinicians and support staff go to a single place to communicate. They can securely send and receive charts, claims and documents internally. And since everyone on Dr. Patel’s staff has an iPhone they can now communicate on the go which means patients get health issues resolved faster and more efficiently. And as for Dr. Patel, he now feels empowered to deliver the highest possible quality of care. The practice now receives all of the lab results electronically. The practice never misses a superbill because iSALUS reminds you to bill every appointment or partially charted visit. And when Dr. Patel’s wife and kids are waiting at home, and he didn’t have time to finish his superbills while at work, no need to fret. He can finish them on his iPhone. His wife absolutely loves it. Hey, don’t they call this having your cake and eating it too?

Sharing standard faxed eDocuments with office staff is as simple as a few mouse clicks. iSALUS saves you time by allowing fast and painless prescription refills. And if you receive an emergency call in the middle of the night from a patient in serious need of a refill, the iPhone can do that too. And stay on task by creating reminders for yourself and others. One of Dr. Patel’s favorites is reducing labor costs by letting new patients enter demographic information in our new portal. Patients don’t want to hand write demographic forms. And with our eFax integration, it’s never been easier to send or receive faxes electronically. You can also save faxes in our eDocuments file system or even route them to coworkers.

And don’t sweat it if there’s an electronic document you need from your iPhone, we’ve got you covered. And guess what, you can even share electronic documents with your coworkers. That’s right. And how does all this iSALUS Healthcare business make Dr. Patel feel? I say that about sums it up.