Chart Share Video


Ever wish you could simply and securely share a patient’s chart with anyone, anywhere in the world? Well now you can. Let’s take a look. Anyone can create a ChartShareMDTM account by clicking client login, and then click “not currently a user.” Once you’ve created the simple setup process you can receive a patient chart from any iSALUS EHR user. To share a patient’s chart, just search for the name of the party you wish to share with, specify the timeframe for which you want them to have access, and then which components of the chart you wish to share. And save your chart when you’re done. The party that has received access to the chart will have a view like this. They will be able to review a patient’s history, progress notes, lab results, images and scanned attachments from the patient’s chart, a clinical summary and the person receiving access can easily enter comments. And that’s how easy it is to share a patient’s chart. Thanks for joining us.