How a Specialty-Specific Nephrology EHR Can Do It All

In a specialty where its physicians visit with hundreds of patients on average, a provider cannot afford to be disorganized or fail to utilize workflow-improving technology. An average Electronic Health Record is not designed to manage the workflow of a dialysis provider. Instead, they are designed for the primary care physician and fail to equip a Nephrologist with the tools they need to not only offer exceptional care to their patients, but also effectively report data and manage their patient base.

A specialty-specific Nephrology EHR will furnish your practice with the clinical workflow and billing tools it needs to run at its most efficient and accurate capacity.

Features of a Quality Nephrology EHR:

1) Reporting

Comprehensive reporting enables the provider to track and interpret their practice data and understand changes in real-time. Month-to-month, providers can watch their dialysis list grow and which subdivisions of their practice are expanding and at which rate. With quality reporting tools in your Nephrology EHR, efficient filing is no longer an issue as each unbilled visit is viewable through your comprehensive reporting dashboard. This Nephrology EHR tool also enables providers to monitor their patient’s visit status so that a required comprehensive visit never goes incomplete.

2) Improved Patient Interactions

Quality health practice technology continues to improve how patients interact with their providers and this reigns true for a Nephrology EHR and the patients at your specialty practice. A Nephrology EHR enables better patient interaction by providing communication tools, improved access to patient information, and comprehensive visit reports. Not only does it enable patients to better understand their specialty care, but it enables the provider to care better for their patients. A user-friendly dashboard allows providers to quickly and clearly interpret information and communicate it to their patients in the most effective way possible.

3)    Dialysis-Rounding

Nephrologist visit with hundreds of patients on average and cannot afford to lose track or waste time figuring out which patients are where and at what time. A quality Nephrology EHR with dialysis-rounding automatically sorts and lists your patients based on time and location of their dialysis visit, eliminating any miscommunications. This saves your staff from having to spend precious time forming these lists manually, eliminating human error and improving the overall efficiency of your daily workflow as the provider. This feature of a Nephrology EHR also enables providers to quickly identify which patients are due for their monthly visit.

4) Batch-Billing

Batch-billing is the revolutionary billing feature that every nephrologist needs in their dialysis efforts. Which hundreds of patients having identical claims, filing one-by-one is a nightmare. A Nephrology EHR enables the provider to differentiate and file claims based on the level of visit and by the payer. For example, each level 2 visit patient who has Anthem as their insurance provider can be filed at one time. This saves time while also improving the time it takes to receive reimbursement for each claim.

5) Mobile-Use

Another essential feature of a Nephrology EHR is mobile access that is only found through a quality partner. Mobile access enables Nephrologists, who are constantly on the go, to better communicate with their patients, document in real-time, and access important patient information on-the-go. Rather than only being able to access these tools from a desktop computer, providers can securely utilize these important features from an approved mobile device. Nephrologists are constantly on-the-go and mobile Nephrology EHR access is a solution in their day-to-day efforts to offer great care.

To learn more about a specialty-specific Nephrology EHR that can help your practice accomplish everything they need to do in the most effective and efficient way possible, click here.