Chronic Care Management: Key Things Providers Should Know in 2020

Introduced in 2015, Chronic Care Management has changed the medical landscape. It has helped patients receive life-saving medical attention. This program was created by the centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in an effort to improve the lives of individuals in the United States that are suffering from multiple chronic conditions.

Patients with multiple chronic conditions are often responsible for juggling provider relationships with multiple specialists, scheduling and attending a host of different medical appointments, and managing their symptoms. Many of these patients are easily overwhelmed by the details of their care and their symptoms often decrease their quality of living.

Chronic Care Management was created to help patients find relief and encourage providers to help. Below are the benefits and key differences that a quality CCM program can offer to both patients and providers.

The Difference a Chronic Care Management Program Makes:

Builds Your Bottom Line

When CMS created the Chronic Care Management program in 2015, they started reimbursing participating providers. In 2020, an eligible provider can earn up to 85k a year through CCM reimbursements. The most important factor to consider when aiming to optimize CCM revenue is your program operations. In-house CCM programs can cost thousands in training and staffing costs. Not only this, but in-house operations take time to work out the kinks in their processes and perfect the program.

The more profitable option providers should consider is outsourcing Chronic Care Management services to a qualified vendor. The right vendor can help your team optimize its reimbursements at a low cost to the provider.

Grows Your Patient Base

Having been in operation for nearly 5 years, more patients than ever are eager to engage in a quality CCM program. The data shows that patients can access life-saving services that improve their quality of life and care. For this reason, patients are leaving their providers who do not offer a quality chronic care management program and starting their search for ones that do. Implementing a quality CCM program can help you grow your patient base by bringing in new patients.

Improves Patient Outcomes

For patients, access to a quality Chronic Care Management program means everything. Patients battling multiple chronic conditions often have poor outcomes, especially if their care is not managed well. Chronic Care Management connects the many moving parts of an individual’s care to optimize results. With their entire care team communicating more effectively, a weight is lifted off their shoulders and they can truly focus on their recovery. Symptoms are addressed as they appear and a connected network of providers will problem-solve to find a solution. CCM is improving patient outcomes.

Betters the Patient Experience

Patients who are managing multiple chronic conditions often have a poor patient experience. It can be incredibly frustrating when your medical team is not communicating, or when you as the suffering patient are in charge of making sure everyone is on the same page. Chronic care management takes away this headache by putting that responsibility on someone else’s shoulders. Patients can focus on their health, recovery and overall have a more positive patient experience.

To learn more about a quality vendor of Chronic Care Management services that can help your organization grow your bottom line, and better help patients, click here.