6 Features Your Urology EHR Should Have in 2020

It’s time to get rid of traditional paper systems and replace them with streamlined technology found in a quality Urology EHR. Urologists everywhere are embracing specialty-specific technology that is helping their practice improve patient engagement, secure more clean claims, and streamline their workflow. By partnering with the right vendor of Urology EHR, your practice can grow. While some vendors make promises as to what their software can help you accomplish, finding one with the following features will help secure your success.

Must-Have Urology EHR Features:

User-Friendly Patient Timeline

Usable technology that equips your team with what they need is essential to providing the best care. The Urology EHR you decide to go with should include a user-friendly patient timeline filled with the most important information. With this tool, your team can quickly search and click-through relevant information to learn more about their patient and form a plan, accordingly. Without this tool, providers are left to dig through pages of information to try and find what is relevant to the patient’s visit. This results in an increase in poor clinical decisions.

Interactive Patient Summary

In order to optimize clinical decision and understand patient health data, providers need a way to quickly assess PHI. An interactive patient summary in your Urology EHR enables your team to easily graph patient vitals, medications, lab results, and more. This allows them to make important comparisons across patient history without sacrificing limited provider time.

Custom Templates

Every visit is different, and customizability is essential to the accurate recording of information. Custom templates within a Urology EHR allow providers to make necessary adjustments wherever they need to in the documenting processes. This allows for a higher level of specificity within each chart, claim, and document throughout the entire clinical process. This is especially necessary in a specialty Urology EHR that deals with all kinds of situations and cases that require a certain level of flexibility in each visit.

Eligibility Verification

Eligibility verification is essential in any EHR to protect your payments. As price transparency becomes increasingly important to patients, an automated tool in your Urology EHR can make all the difference. In just a few clicks, your team can learn the estimated out-of-pocket cost for patients in for a visit before services are ever rendered. Having this information ahead of time helps patients prepare for their medical bills rather than be caught by surprise. This leads to an increase in on-time and in-full patient payments.

Claims Submission

Integrated billing is non-negotiable in a state-of-the-art Urology EHR. Having integrated billing capabilities in your Urology EHR provides you with an industry-leading clearinghouse, allowing you to review claims and practice financials with a few clicks. Here, providers can see what areas need improvement and how they can improve their clean claims, resulting in quicker and higher payer reimbursements.

User-Friendly Scheduling

Integrated practice management technology offers a simple and user-friendly scheduling process for your team. Easily adjustable to the shifting schedules of your team, your front-line staff can easily see what appointments are available and create pre-determined visit requirements. This ensures that no detail is missed in the scheduling processes.

A specialty-specific Urology EHR can help your practice work more efficiently, bring in more payments, and improve the patient experience. To learn more, click here.