Nephrology EMR: The Difference a Unified Solution Makes

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Renae Rossow
Renae Rossow
Nephrology EMR: The Difference a Unified Solution Makes

Nephrology EMR: The Difference a Unified Solution Makes

As the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) was hitting the market and first being implemented into medical practices across the country, there was much to learn. As time passes, providers and vendors are understanding just how vital this tool is to their practice, but also the number of improvements that need to be made in this area. Two of the most important improvements and developments for the Electronic Medical Record are making it specialty specific and incorporating it with other office technology. For a Nephrologist, having a Nephrology EMR is incredibly important to their productivity and precision, but it needs to have that second component as well. Having the ability to move seamlessly between your EMR, Practice Management and billing software is crucial to how well your practice functions. Nephrologists need a Nephrology EMR unified solution to make a difference in and improve these areas.

What is a Nephrology EMR Unified Solution?

An all-in-one Nephrology EMR offers providers a solution to the known hassle of moving between an office’s software. Traditionally, these technologies were kept separate, causing a severe inconvenience for providers trying to do their job well. An all-in-one Nephrology EMR means everything in one place, improved efficiency, accuracy, and productivity within a practice.

Benefits of Unified Nephrology EMR:

1)    One Login

An issue that presented itself when providers would use multiple software for their office was the fact that they also have multiple logins. While having 2-3 logins might not seem like a lot to keep track of, it can become overwhelming very quickly. These passwords need updating and changing every so often, which can cause a provider to lose track of their passwords. This is not the fault of the provider, but the fault of the technology. A Nephrology EMR that offers unified software means only having to log into one interface to conduct all business. Providers and their staff can move from software to software seamlessly, only having to keep track of one username and password. This simplification of the login process enables providers to stay productive and efficient as they complete their work.

2)    Simplified Training

With any technology use, comes a learning process for providers and their staff. When a practice is utilizing multiple software, they also have to learn and train their staff on how to use each interface. With an all-in-one Nephrology EMR, Nephrology providers only have to receive training for one interface and no more. Not only does this simplify the training process should a new software be brought in, but it simplifies any future training for new staff. While each aspect of the software runs alongside a different aspect of the practice, your practice management software speaks seamlessly with your Nephrology EMR and your EMR speaks seamlessly with your billing. This all adds up to offer Nephrologists a straightforward solution to training their staff.

3)    Single Implementation

Just as there is only one training needed to understand a unified Nephrology EMR, there is only one implementation. Providers know how tasking the implementation process can be when introducing new technology into the practice. It disrupts the natural workflow and level of productivity, sacrificing the level of service you are able to provide. Multiply this by two or three different software and providers are costing themselves more than they are making. This is why the single implementation aspect of a unified EMR makes all of the difference in a practice. Offering few disruptions, providers find themselves completing the implementation process and moving forward.

4)    Improved Productivity

By eliminating the need to move from software to software, providers improve the productivity and workflow in their practice. An all-in-one Nephrology EMR increases accuracy by seamless translating information between departments and keeping all of the necessary information in one place. When the software is split, there is no guarantee that all of the data can be communicated from software to software. Unifying them is the answer to making sure each step in the process is completed efficiently and accurately.

By utilizing a unified Nephrology EMR, providers are making sure that they are reaping all of the benefits that quality software can bring to their practice while avoiding potential frustrations. To learn more about an all-in-one Nephrology specific EMR click here.

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