What is HealthWatch?

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What is HealthWatch?

What is HealthWatch?

Medicare has recently committed itself to help patients with chronic conditions improve their overall health, stay active and maintain an independent lifestyle.  Offering chronic care management services is essential for making sure patients who have chronic conditions are receiving the quality care they need. Chronic care management services have been proven to reduce hospitalization and improve health outcomes. This is where HealthWatch comes in.

HealthWatch is here to partner with physicians and offer chronic care management services to patients with chronic conditions. But what exactly is HealthWatch, what services does it include and how can it benefit your practice? 


What is HealthWatch?

First, we will dive into what HealthWatch is - a chronic care management service.

Chronic Care Management (CCM) is defined by the American College of Physicians as non-face-to-face services provided to Medicare beneficiaries who have multiple (two or more), significant chronic conditions.

The idea behind chronic care management is that through personal care services for eligible patients, those with chronic conditions will be able to lead more healthy, active, and independent lifestyles. Care plans are formulated by a team of professionals to make sure their patients will succeed. HealthWatch partners directly with physicians to help patients meet wellness goals included in these plans as well as improve their overall health. HealthWatch functions as an extension of any practice, working to provide enhanced services to patients who need them. Through monthly check-in calls, health education collateral, summary reports and more, patients are kept informed on ways to improve their chronic conditions while physicians are kept abreast of the current condition of their chronically ill patients. 


How Does HealthWatch Benefit Patients?

HealthWatch uses many tools that make it simple for chronically ill patients to access care. Here are a few examples of what HealthWatch offers patients:

  • Personal Care Specialist
    Patients are assigned a personal Care Specialist who will conduct a monthly telephone checkup to review their symptoms and discuss concerns. This ensures that no information, questions, concerns, or red-flags are missed in between a chronically ill patient's visit with their primary care physician. Although patients only have one routine check-in call with their Care Specialist each month, patients are highly encouraged to reach out to their Care Specialist anytime with questions or concerns that pop up. Whether it's a question on their new prescription or discussing a new symptom, patients can call or email their Care Specialist to get medical questions answered and find out next steps on ensuring their chronic conditions and healthy lifestyle behaviors continue to improve.

  • Education
    When enrolled in HealthWatch patients receive ongoing educational articles, pamphlets, collateral and more that informs them of their symptoms, how to manage them and methods that can alleviate any pain and/or issues. It can be difficult for patients to visit with their doctor, receive a ton of new information and then be expected to retain that information and start a new, healthy lifestyle. With HealthWatch, patients are partnered with a Care Specialist who will walk with them through their wellness journey and also act as a sounding board for any healthy lifestyle or wellness questions a patient has. With this partnership, patients will have the tools they need to counteract their chronic conditions, therefore, bettering the health outcome for that patient. 

  • Scheduling Assistance
    There are mandatory visits that need to occur for patients utilizing chronic care management services. HealthWatch partners with providers and their patients ensuring these patients get assistance scheduling these appointments.


When it comes to providing extra care to patients with chronic conditions, HealthWatch makes all the difference. Providers can ensure their patients are receiving the quality care they need by partnering with HealthWatch to provide additional care and attention to these patients through personal check-ins, health education, scheduling assistance and more. 

For providers wanting to offer extended care to patients that need it, without adding additional paperwork and stress to their daily workflow, HealthWatch is a win-win that can save the lives of many patients in need of help.

Interested in learning more about HealthWatch? Contact our team to find out how HealthWatch can help your chronically ill patients.

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