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The Benefits of AnywhereCare

The Benefits of AnywhereCare

Telehealth is the fastest growing and most useful segment in the entirety of the healthcare industry. To make sure providers are offering the best technology to patients, they should find the right telehealth tools to integrate into their practice. This can be difficult considering there are so many vendors saturating the field. So what does a quality telehealth tool look like and what benefits can providers receive from using these tools?

AnywhereCare from iSalus Healthcare is an easy-to-use and simple to setup telehealth tools that providers using OfficeEMR can easily integrate into their usual office workflow. Seamlessly connected to the Certified Electronic Health Record Technology (CEHRT) as well as the rest of the iSalus products, AnywhereCare is a quality vendor of telehealth technology with a variety of benefits.

Benefits of AnywhereCare 

  1.  Seamless Integration with OfficeEMR
    More often than not, vendors of Electronic Medical Records do not offer telehealth technology connected to an EMR. There is no doubt that a practice needs both of these tools together, so why would they not be packaged together? With AnywhereCare, providers have everything they need in one spot. There is no installation necessary as it is already fully integrated with OfficeEMR. All providers need to do is to let one of iSalus’ representatives know that they are ready to get started. Then providers can start communicating seamlessly with patients through telehealth technology.
  2. Geo-Based Pharmacy Recommendations
    It is a common misconception that patients choose to go to a pharmacy that is close to their provider's office. Not only this, but not all prescriptions are written while the patient is in office. AnywhereCare allows providers to see a patient's location and automatically pull a list of the closest pharmacies to them. This provides convenience to patients who could be traveling or are unfamiliar with the pharmacies around them. AnywhereCare works hard to ensure that patients have access to care and can pick up prescriptions (truly) anywhere.
  3. Simple Billing
    Due to the fact that AnywhereCare is fully integrated, providers can easily create claims the exact same way they are already creating them inside OfficeEMR. Again, there is no installation necessary. All providers have to do is turn on this simple billing feature within their telehealth module and from there on they can bill a claim in one simple step within AnywhereCare.

  4. Increased Access for Patients
    While AnywhereCare provides simple access and convenience for providers, it also does so for patients. With AnywhereCare, patients have the ability to communicate and access their healthcare providers like never before. They now have tools available that allow them to keep up with their wellness goals, communicate openly with their providers, and visit with them more conveniently. Making healthcare easily accessible increases the number of positive outcomes in your practice as well as patient satisfaction. When a patient has the ability to reach their provider and get answers to their concerns with a few clicks of a button, it increases their likelihood of continuing to invest in their personal health and well being. 

AnywhereCare works to offer providers the best solution to telehealth technology. With seamless integration, better communication, geo-based pharmacy recommendations, and simplified billing, providers are able to provide more healthcare access to their patients. By partnering with the best telehealth technology, providers have the opportunity to increase patient engagement, patient satisfaction and provide a better overall quality of care to their patients. 

Interested in a live demo of AnywhereCare? Contact us to see how it works.


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