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Renae Rossow
Renae Rossow
Tend to Patients Anywhere with an EHR Mobile App

Tend to Patients Anywhere with an EHR Mobile App

From charting to answering patient questions via email, physicians might find themselves bogged down in more digital ‘paperwork’ then there used to be. The normalcy of open communication that can be instantly sent out in today’s digital world makes it hard for providers to maintain a somewhat ‘normal’ work-life balance past the traditional 9-5 office hours.

Because of the constant stream of patient communication, providers need flexibility as one of the main features in the technology they integrate into their office. And what if there was a tool that was flexible enough to allow providers to tend to their patients anywhere they go? With an EHR mobile app, providers can do just that!

An EHR mobile app allows physicians to break free from their office, giving them the ability to answer questions, access patient health information and more from their smartphone and/or tablet. Incorporating the EHR Mobile App into a medical practice will not only help increase communication between patient and provider but will also add convenience to each physician’s life by allowing them to answer their patients on-the-go. How does a HER mobile app do this? Below are some of the beneficial features offered by an EHR mobile app.

Features of an EHR Mobile App

1)    Secure Messaging to Patients

EHR mobile apps allow you to not only message your patients but do so in a completely secure way. When answering a patient question via the mobile app, you don’t have to worry about sensitive data being linked as secure messaging ensures data is, in fact, secure and also complies with industry regulations such as HIPAA and so on.

Because of this, an EHR mobile app is crucial to physicians who want to spend life outside of the office, as this technology can provide you with flexibility to attend the kids’ baseball games, spend a weekend out of town, or just simply work on-the-go wherever life takes you. Likewise, the ability for you instantly respond to patients helps to increase the patient-provider trust, as patients will feel higher levels of satisfaction knowing their health concerns are acknowledged by their doctor

2)    Instant Access of Patient Health Information

Some mobile apps allow providers to message with their patients, but not have access to their patient’s health records. The right EHR mobile app allows providers to securely access patient records wherever they are, ensuring they stay HIPAA compliant while protecting your patient’s sensitive data. Knowing you have secure and instant access with an HER mobile app enables you to freely asses your patients’ concerns and questions wherever you are. It is crucial that an EHR Mobile App has this feature in order to truly assist you in tending to your patients wherever you go, whenever they need you.

3)   Mobile Device Image Upload

Another great feature of an EHR mobile app is the ability to upload images from their mobile device directly into the patient’s chart. This is useful for patients who are contemplating a visit, as they can upload an image and send it to their provider to asses and determine if an in-office visit is needed. Image upload also benefits the provider, as they can utilize the picture in their SOAP notes instead of having to describe the wound, incision, etc. at length through narrative.  

4)    Simple Documentation and Claim Submission

Another benefit to having an EHR Mobile App is the ability to complete documentation as well as submit claims on the go. Instead of needing to stay at the office to finish their paperwork, providers can utilize the mobile app to finish their paperwork wherever they want. This ability to work remotely gives providers much freedom and a breath of fresh air, as they can get out of the office and clear their mind.

An EHR mobile app allows providers to type notes, send prescriptions, and stay HIPAA compliant on the go. Not only this, but they can avoid late nights and late claims by making sure they have the tools necessary to get their work done wherever they need to.

Want freedom to take your office with you, wherever you go? Then it’s time for you to implement an EHR mobile app in your daily work routine.

Having a mobile app will not only provide you with flexibility in your workday but will also give you additional ways to communicate and tend to your patients whenever necessary. Interested in implementing a mobile app in your practice? Request a demo and we’ll be happy to show you how an EHR mobile app can make bring work-life balance back to your day while ensuring your patients are taken care of. 

Interested in a mobile app? Contact us to see a demo or talk to our team.

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