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Renae Rossow
Renae Rossow
Three Easy Tips on Getting Patients More Engaged

Three Easy Tips on Getting Patients More Engaged

Providers are constantly circling to find information regarding what they can do to start getting patients more engaged in their medical care. Patients who are more invested in their care tend to have better outcomes, better health statistics and increased satisfaction with their providers. The question is, what should providers do to encourage patient engagement? Here are three easy tips for getting patients more engaged at your practice.

Getting Patients More Engaged at Your Practice

1)      Keep patients informed from the start.

Whether it is a new patient at the practice, or one who has been there since your beginning, making sure your patients are aware of the services and tools offered at your practice is crucial to keeping them connected. Even in today’s highly digital world, many patients may not fully know what a patient portal or EHR mobile app might entail or how it can benefit them.

Having your staff be evangelists of the tools offered by your practice is imperative, as they can further educate patients on staying connected to the care and service at your practice. Likewise, with any updates, news or changes to your office it’s also important to make sure this information gets out to your patients through an eNewsletter, text message, secure messaging or whatever means of communication your patients prefer. Keeping patients ‘in the know’ not only benefits you by cutting out any confusion, but also gets them more engaged by being connected to your office.

2)      Offer alternative ways to care for your patients.

Today’s patient-base is incredibly busy – from young, single professionals with a variety of activities and interests to families scrunched between work and their kids' sports, the typical patient wants an efficient visit that requires little time. Because of this, offering alternative options of care is crucial to getting patients more engaged.

Telehealth is a great alternative care method that allows you to complete a virtual visit anywhere. The patient could be at a coffee shop, home or even on vacation and still ‘meet’ with you to discuss any symptoms, concerns or other health topics. Likewise, for a provider, it gives you flexibility to not be in the office as well! You can meet with your patients while at home or at your local coffee shop, the choice is yours. For patients, and providers, who have increasingly busy schedules telehealth is a win-win for quick, effective care and getting patients more engaged.

3)      Provide enhanced care for patients with chronic illness and/or disease.

For patients with chronic illness and/or disease, additional services are highly beneficial in ensuring these patients stay on track with treatment plans and are addressing any new symptoms that come up. For physicians who feel crammed with their regular workload, outsourcing chronic care management services is a great option to getting patients engaged while keeping tabs on patients with chronic disease.

Outsourcing chronic care management services not only provides an additional way to check-in on patients with a chronic illness but also provides an additional revenue stream to your practice. Offering another form of communication to these types of patients is another way to get patients more engaged.  

While there are a multitude of methods and tools out there, the above three tips are easy ways that you can start getting patients more engaged today. Start implementing some of these tips and you will not only see higher engagement from your patients, but also better health outcomes and even a potential boost in practice revenue.

Looking for tools that can increase patient engagement? Contact us to find out what programs are right for you or request a demo of our telehealth and/or chronic care management services.

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