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Renae Rossow
Renae Rossow
The Best Electronic Health Records May Not Be What You Think

The Best Electronic Health Records May Not Be What You Think

Medical Practices all over the United States are searching through some of the best electronic health records (EHRs) to find the one that suits their practice. But what does the right EHR look like? Providers are adopting this technology in hopes of having a more productive and functional practice that operates at prime efficiency. The truth is, there are probably multiple EHR vendors automate charting and administrative tasks helping doctors operate more efficiently, but what makes an EHR the best for a practice?

The best electronic health record should be about more than just medical records, the EHR your practice needs should be centered on the patient. Patient care is the priority of any medical practice and the technology in your practice should reflect that. So what does a patient-centered EHR look like?

Patient-Centered EHR

The best way to tell if an EHR is built with the patient in mind is to look for tools that promote patient engagement. Promoting patient engagement is the number one way to keep your patients involved. Patient engagement is the level of investment your patients have in their personal healthcare. An increase in this helps ensure better health outcomes for patients, increased practice revenue, increased patient satisfaction, a decrease in emergency-based visits and an overall lower cost of healthcare for the patient.

The best electronic health record for your practice should be built with patient engagement in mind and have the tools you need to promote, increase, and maintain patient engagement. Below are some of the tools the best electronic health record should have to not only increase functionality and efficiency in your practice but also help the patient stay as involved as possible.

Tools Included in the Best Electronic Health Records:

1)    Patient Portal

The first tool that should be included in the best electronic health records for your practice is a patient portal. The patient portal allows patients to easily access all their health information and any communication tools they need to stay up-to-date on their personal care. Here, their personal health records are available with a few clicks of a mouse.

A patient portal should also include a messaging center where patients can stay in contact with their provider and his or her office staff. The best electronic health record should make it easy for patients to contact their physicians with question or concerns, staying on top of red flags, and reducing bad outcomes. The patient portal is crucial for increasing patient engagement and building a trusting relationship between you and your patients.

2)    Mobile App

The next tool that contributes to the best electronic health record centered towards patient engagement is a mobile app. An EHR with a mobile app creates unique accessibility for both the patient and provider. Instead of having to wait until they get to a desktop or laptop computer to log into their patient portal, patients can do this on-the-go from their smartphone or tablet. This eliminates the chance that patients forget to set an appointment or ask an important question. It is also helpful for their physician as the mobile app helps allows providers to respond to their patients quickly, even out of the office, ensuring their patients feel heard regarding their health. Only the savviest, best electronic health record will include a mobile app for today’s digital provider and patient, so choose an EHR that includes this feature to benefit your patients and yourself.

3)    Telehealth

The last tool that is included in the best electronic health records is telehealth. Telehealth is a great way to keep your patients engaged through live video communication that can be done on-the-fly. Patients no longer have to take time out of their day to travel to their provider’s office. Instead, they just log-in minutes before their scheduled visit and can virtually meet with their physicians right away. Telehealth increases patient engagement, decreases wait times and makes health care more accessible. The best electronic health record should definitely include telehealth capability to help your patients who struggle to make it into the office stay engaged in their personal care.

Patient engagement is a vital part of the success of your practice, and the right technology will help facilitate engagement. The EHR your practice adopts should of course increase your office’s functionality, efficiency, and productivity but also be customized with your patients in mind. 

Need help increasing patient engagement at your practice? Contact us for help or request a live demo to see what tools can help your practice motivate patients.

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