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Renae Rossow
Renae Rossow
Patient Engagement: Why it Means Everything to the Success of Your Practice

Patient Engagement: Why it Means Everything to the Success of Your Practice

Providers may have heard that patient engagement is crucial to their success of their practice, but why? What is the significance behind making sure your patients invest time into their personal health?

Patient engagement is the patient involvement, advocacy, and accountability in their personal health statistics and standards. A patient that is engaged in their health is not only mindful of what’s happening within various aspects of their health, but is more likely to be involved in lifestyle behaviors that will help maintain optimal health.

The benefits of patient engagement don’t just apply to the patient. Private practices that have a strong level of patient engagement can see the following positive results:

1)    Increased Patient Satisfaction

It’s not surprising that the more involved a patient is in their personal care, the happier they will be with their provider. Patient engagement involves patients confidently communicating with their providers about each and every health concern, not just the general topics usually discussed in an exam room. Once a provider knows the full scope of what is going on with a patient’s health, he or she can then provide a proper assessment resulting in more accurate treatment plans and care. This, by no surprise, results in better recovery and a happier, healthier, and more satisfied patient.

2)    More Positive Outcomes

Possibly one of the greatest benefits surrounding a healthy level of patient engagement is the increase in positive outcomes that providers see. Patient engagement means patients are paying more attention to their personal health. They have a greater understanding of what red-flags look like, and can address them at a quicker rate. For example, patients with high blood pressure who play a more active role in their personal health care will know what to look for. The second they start having negative symptoms, they can reach out to their physician and address their concern, resulting in a positive outcome. This contrast to the lack of patient engagement where an individual might label symptoms as unimportant and not report them to their provider, worsens their personal health. An increase in patient engagement means more positive outcomes for your patients, and your practice.

3)    Increase in Revenue

The third benefit of patient engagement to your practice is that it plays a large part in increasing your revenue. Patients who are invested in their own health are more likely to be found inside your office. Mentioned earlier, involved patients communicate with their providers more frequently and address red-flags more often. This not only increases satisfaction and positive outcomes, but also increases your revenue by bringing them into your office. The more involved a patient is in your practice, the more likely they are to make appointments on time as well as perform annual tests, labs, and procedures. Simply, the more engaged they are, the more likely they are to spend money on their health at your practice.

As you can see there are many benefits to patient engagement, so then, how do you actually GET patients involved in their health? We listed out some tools you can use to make it easy for patients to be active in your practice and in their health:

1)    Patient Portal

The patient portal is a great way to increase patient engagement at your practice. Here patients can contact their providers with questions and concerns, view personal health records, and also view (plus pay!) medical bills.  

2)    Telehealth

Telehealth is another great tool for increasing patient engagement. With telehealth, patients can visit with their provider via live video stream, bypassing the inconvenience of an in-office visit. Telehealth can be used for almost every type of appointment from initial consult to post-operative check-up.

Patient engagement is a vital piece to the success of your practice. Make sure you are addressing it and working to increase the number of patients that are invested in their personal care. Need help finding ways to get patients involved? Contact us and we can discuss programs that will help your practice.

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