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Renae Rossow
Renae Rossow
Top 3 Ways to Improve Patient Engagement in 2018

Top 3 Ways to Improve Patient Engagement in 2018

Patients may depend on their doctor when needed, but it isn’t fully up to the provider on whether or not the patient gets better. One of the most important components of health care is a strong presence of patient engagement. 

Patients who are invested in their personal care work collaboratively with their healthcare provider to improve and act upon their own personal health. Providers who improve patient engagement are more likely to have a healthier patient population, see better health outcomes for ill or sick patients, and have increased and better quality communication with their patients. Making sure you improve patient engagement is not only important for the health of your patient, but equally important to the health of your practice. Below are the top three ways you can improve patient engagement in your practice.

1)      Use a Patient Portal

One way to improve patient engagement is making sure patients have simplified access to their personal health records. Making sure patients can view, process, and understand their health data is an important factor that will help providers improve patient engagement within their practice. The best way to make all of this information readily available to patients and improve patient engagement is to integrate a quality patient portal. With the patient portal, patients have a platform to access their personal health records at any time. This allows them to view their vitals over time, review recommended treatment plans, and quickly read labs and/or notes left by their provider. The patient portal is crucial in improving patient engagement due to its ability to open lines of communication between the patient and provider. In return, patients can reach out to their providers with any concerns or questions to catch red flags sooner rather than later.

2)      Utilize Telehealth

Another increasingly popular way to improve patient engagement is through the use of telehealth. Telehealth offers patients the ability to conduct a visit with their provider from almost anywhere – work, home, the office, etc. With either a smart phone, tablet or desktop computer, patients can video conference with their doctors to conduct an appointment. This type of visit, called telehealth, is treated and billed similarly to an in-office visit. Telehealth greatly improves patient engagement because it removes the frustrating inconvenience of community, in-office wait times, and other inconveniences that patients deal with when coming in-office. Likewise, for providers, they can easily meet with a patient without needing to set up or prep one of their operatories, helping streamline their practice operations and saving on their own travel time to see a patient on site. As a result of this, telehealth can increase the revenue of your practice as it can help you schedule more, shorter check-up appointments in your day, thus increasing visits you are able to bill for. Utilizing telehealth will not only add convenience to your patient’s schedule but also remove some of the busyness and stress out of your schedule so you are focused on patient care, and not the clock.

3)      Offer a Mobile App

Along with a patient portal, offering a mobile app is a great way to improve patient engagement at your practice. With a mobile app both patients and providers have the ability to take all their health information on the go. Patients can quickly schedule appointments when needed, set reminders so they don’t forget their upcoming appointments and even pay bills through the app. A mobile app makes it easy to keep your practice top of mind for your patients as well as simplify the scheduling or payment process so they can efficiently complete these tasks. Likewise, it helps your practice by ensuring that the schedule is continually full, patients are showing up to their appointments, and payment is coming in.

Improve patient engagement at your practice by following one, two or all of our top three ways listed.  The patient portal, telehealth and mobile app will not only make it more convenient for your patients to utilize your services, but will also improve patient health outcomes, communication and revenue at your practice.

If you are interested in finding out more about the tools listed above, contact us! Our team at iSalus is here to answer questions or offer a free consultation of how we can use our programs to help your practice.

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