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Renae Rossow
Renae Rossow
5 Features of a Quality EHR for Behavioral Health

5 Features of a Quality EHR for Behavioral Health

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are finding their place in the Behavioral Health field. Breakthroughs in interoperability and client-provider communication, as well as improvements in accuracy and efficiency within a practice, are driving forces that make providers eager to find the EHR that is right for them. With hundreds of EHR vendors flooding the search field, it can be difficult to figure out which software is the best fit. Finding a quality EHR for behavioral health is essential to the success of your practice, so where should a provider start? Below are 5 features of a quality EHR for behavioral health that all providers should look for to ensure a specific software aligns their practice for success.

1)      Tailored Treatment Plans

In behavioral health, more than any other field, there are repetitive conditions and diagnoses, but no two clients are identical. A quality EHR for behavioral health should give the option of either using a pre-loaded treatment plan for repetitive treatments or using a custom plan that a provider can build to best meet the needs of a specific client. This feature ensures that the documentation around each client’s care accurately reflects their treatment plan and, when needed, is individualized.

2)      Trouble-Free Billing

Seamlessly integrated with the billing component of a practice, a quality EHR for behavioral health should offer electronic charge capture, which allows you to easily generate charge tickets within your standard workflow. This lets providers follow up on and observe all key performance business indicators. These indicators should be displayed in a way that allow you to quickly access the information you need to continue with your day and keep an efficient workflow. This component of an EHR for behavioral health is crucial to maximizing revenue with attainable accuracy and efficiency.

3)      Client Portal

One factor that often discourages clients from continuing their mental health care is the feeling of being left in the dark regarding their treatment. A client portal, which all quality EHRs for behavioral health will have included in them, helps you keep your clients engaged and aware of what is happening within their short and long-term treatment plan. The client portal keeps patients up-to-date on diagnoses, visit notes, and treatment plans. Studies show that clients who play a more active role in their treatment tend to have better outcomes, continue treatment, and communicate more effectively with their providers. This key feature of a quality EHR for behavioral health is essential to increasing client engagement in your practice.

4)      Timesaving Documentation

One of the most repetitive and menial components of day-to-day operations is the process of documenting and re-documenting. Eliminate this time-thief from your practice by looking for an EHR that includes templates. Templates simplify the documenting process by allowing providers the ability to essentially copy and paste notes from previous visits into new ones. This feature lets you efficiently update patient chart information so you can spend more time with your patients.

5)      Teletherapy

Another key feature providers should look for in a quality EHR for behavioral health is a built-in teletherapy app. This feature is more recent to the EHR world and allows mental health providers to reach more patients than ever before. Teletherapy lets patients and providers communicate through live video stream (from smart phone, tablet or desktop) instead of in person. This feature decreases wait time, increases patient intake, and enables providers to see more patients in one day. A quality EHR for behavioral health should have teletherapy capability that allows you to offer e-visits to clients who can’t afford the travel time or costs to your office, or just want a more efficient way to meet with their provider.

Each one of these features is necessary in a quality EHR for Behavioral Health! You can narrow down your search for the perfect EHR by searching for these key characteristics in your potential options. If you still have questions, or need help finding the perfect software for your practice, iSalus offers products that can help your office run more efficiently. Contact us to learn more!

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