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Renae Rossow
Renae Rossow
iSalus Support - News You Can Use

iSalus Support - News You Can Use

At iSalus, our mission is to simply equip healthcare providers with EHR & practice management solutions that help them focus on efficient and quality patient care. To do this, we offer a variety of programs, tools and solutions that can help you expand your knowledge and use of our products. See below for the latest news regarding iSalus University, billing updates and also your requests on upcoming webinars.

Did You Know: You can enroll for free (yes, FREE) webinars with iSalus University! These webinars cover a variety of topics and are held every week at minimum. To see all webinar topics available, or find out how to enroll in a webinar, visit iSalus University.

Billing Hot Topic: As you may have heard from CMS, Medicare is issuing new cards without the patient’s SSN on them starting April 2018. The transition period to begin using new numbers (MBI) is April 1, 2018 through December 31, 2019. Even with the new MBI nothing needs to be done within OfficeEMR. Our team has taken care of transitions within our software to accommodate the new MBI on claims and other items. If you have further questions please contact our support team, and contact CMS for questions regarding the new number itself.

Important Clearinghouse Announcement: Change Healthcare was notified by Tricare East (WPS) that there is an issue impacting delivery of ERA files for some providers from January 1, 2018 to present. WPS is currently working to update the impacted provider records. If you have missing Tricare East ERAs, please create a ticket in the Support Portal and include the following information:

  • Payer
  • Check/EFT #
  • Check Date
  • Check Amount

Once this information is received our team will forward it to Change Healthcare so they can generate a full impact list for the payer.

EMR Hot Topic: For our clients who use the Rx Refill functionality (labeled as ‘Refills’ under the ‘My Tasks’ drop-down) we have a comprehensive guide available within our knowledge base!

iSalus Healthcare_Rx Refill_OfficeEMR

To access the comprehensive guide, simply click on the binoculars in the upper right hand corner of your Office EMR.

iSalus Healthcare_Rx Refill_Office EMR

Once you click on the binoculars, an OfficeEMR search box will pop up. In the search bar within the popup box, type ‘Rx Refills’ and hit enter. On the left-hand side a list of items will populate, and within this list you will find the comprehensive user guide listed as ‘Quick Use Guides.’

iSalus Healthcare_Rx Refill_OfficeEMR

If you still have questions after reviewing the guide, contact iSalus Support using the Support Portal under the headset in the upper right corner.

We Want Your Thoughts: In order to better serve you and your practice, our team is an ‘Ask the Billing Specialist’ monthly webinar. In this monthly webinar, we would answer billing questions, provide advanced user info and more. However, we need YOUR help. Do you have specific topics related to billing you want included? Do you have questions on a billing function you’d like to see or aren’t sure how to use? If so, send your suggestions to and our team will review them for inclusion in this potential webinar series.

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