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Renae Rossow
Renae Rossow
5 Benefits of Having a Customizable EHR in 2018

5 Benefits of Having a Customizable EHR in 2018

Finding the right Electronic Health Record to integrate into your practice is a detailed process for any provider. Whether you are looking for your first EHR or to replace your current one, there exists many obstacles towards navigating to the right one. Many EHRs are outdated and are preventing providers from having the most efficient workflow possible. Built with complicated, rigid interfaces, old software is holding back progress. The solution lies in finding software that allows providers to practice medicine the way they see fit. Finding a path to elasticity in a customizable EHR is important to achieve an accurate and efficient workflow. Having a customizable EHR will gift your practice the freedom to practice medicine its own way. If you are dissatisfied with your current EHR, you are not the only one! Here are 6 benefits of having a customizable EHR.

1)    Automated Workflow

A complicated software can often possess a heavy number of menial and redundant tasks that inconvenience your staff on a daily basis. Any user-friendly and easy to use EHR should be designed in a way that automates these tasks. With an automated workflow, your practice can focus more on patient care. Workflow automation in a customizable EHR allows providers to configure and customize electronic fax technology to routinely fax information like SOAP notes to referring providers after each relevant visit. You can also build automated exam template actions to trigger the front-desk team members to print materials for patients upon check-out. This feature of a customizable EHR also allows providers to automatically push ICD/CPT codes directly to the superbill. Automating these components of your workflow is an amazing benefit of a customizable EHR.

2)    Simplify Meaningful Use with a Customizable EHR

Busy and hardworking providers, whose priority lies with their patients, are bombarded with healthcare compliance requirements. The rules and regulations associated with Meaningful Use constantly steal time that providers wish to spend with patients. Having a customizable EHR offers an alternate route that saves providers time on these complicated standards. Another benefit of having a customizable EHR is having a meaningful use dashboard that takes the added stress away and puts you back in the exam room. Color-coded dashboards tell providers which physicians are meeting their standards and who are not. Each patient chart also holds useful red exclamation points to highlight specific Meaningful Use requirements and how to resolve any issues.

3)    Patient Timeline

Another great benefit of having a customizable EHR is the Patient Timeline. Searching for patient health information can become time-consuming and frustrating. Possessing a patient timeline makes sure all of your patient’s interactions and health information is located in a single convenient location. Not only does this save time, it improves health outcomes. The Patient Timeline allows providers to review medications and related contraindications, problems, allergies, vitals, notes, immunizations, and test results. A customizable EHR allows the provider to customize the Patient Timeline with only the information that is important to their practice.

4)    Patient Portal To-Go

Yet another time-consuming obligation that patients search to avoid is filling out medical history reports and demographics in the office. This lengthens their wait times and often puts a wrench in their day. Whether the front desk staff or the clinician completes it, this process is taking valuable time away from patients and providers alike. A good patient portal allows patients to complete this process prior to them setting foot into the office. This component of a customizable EHR also allows you to securely respond to patients from any compatible device, allowing you the flexibility to practice on-the-go.

5)    Customized Templates for Chart Notes

Possibly one of the largest benefits of having a customizable EHR is the elasticity that customized documenting provides. Having to manually type repetitive chart notes is time exhausting. A customizable EHR means having customized templates built specifically for your practice. This feature allows providers to bypass the repetitive frustrations of documentation. These templates are adaptable and can be altered to adhere to any specific needs of a visit. A feature that is built for your practice, it allows providers to practice their own way.

These 5 benefits make having a customizable EHR worthwhile to any provider looking to customize their workflow. If you would like to learn more about how to customize your EHR, click here: OfficeEMR

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