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Renae Rossow
Renae Rossow
5 Functions of the Best EHR for Urologists

5 Functions of the Best EHR for Urologists

With thousands of vendors who offer Electronic Health Records for practices like yours, it may seem impossible to choose the best one. Each component that makes up an EHR for urologists varies slightly from vendor to vendor, making it hard to know which one will fit your practice. Urologists need specific qualities in their healthcare technology that helps them run their practice without issue.  Choosing the right EHR can be simpler if you understand your what to look for and can weed out vendors who cannot give you what you need.  While there are many different features that make a quality EHR, this article will discuss 5 functions that directly contribute to what is the best EHR for urologists overall.

All-in-one Solution

One of the largest headaches for any urology practice is the communication between EHR software, the billing software, practice management software, telehealth software, lab integrations and on and on. It can seem impossible to keep everything organized without a direct line of communication between these tools. That’s why the best EHR for urologists would be one that is an all-in-one solution integrating your practice’s software into one easy-to-use hub that does it all. One software, one login, one complete system that was built specifically with urology providers in mind.  Seamless communication between each function of your practice is a vital part of choosing the best EHR for urologists.

EHR for Urologists: Mobile is key.

Imagine being able to reach into your pocket and connect with your office and patients at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. Well this is possible if you choose an EHR for Urologists that allows providers to take their practice on the go! The best EHR for Urologists will offer a mobile app that allows providers to keep in contact with their office EHR and patient records from any iPhone or Android device. Here providers can view patient medical records and demographics, charge capture, access HIPAA compliant communication, dictate notes and use mobile imaging for a patients chart. This is amazing for providers who have patients reach out to them outside of office hours. If a patient has a question about medication or test, their urologists can securely pull up their information and respond within minutes, without having to wait to get back to the office. This expedites and increases the quality of how providers care for their patients. Any EHR for urologists is lacking if it does not contain this key function.

Tailored Operative Reports:

With any healthcare practice, there exist volumes of recorded data on every patient within your practice. Organizing, keeping track, and making sense of that data can be an incredibly hard process where things can often slip through the crack unnoticed. The best EHR for urologists should offer operative reports that tailor to the needs of your practice. No matter what the procedure is, the software should offer unified documentation and billing processes that make tracking and documenting as simple as possible. The risk of charges going overlooked decreases substantially. No matter the procedure, an EHR for Urologists should have the tools to ease your workflow with the highest accuracy and efficiency.

Patient Portal

One of the most important qualities any EHR for urologists should contain is a patient portal worth using. While many vendors offer the patient portal, it is often impossible to figure out, leaving patients frustrated. Look for a secure patient portal app that provides patients with 24-hour access to their personal health information from their mobile phone or desktop device. Not only will this increase patient satisfaction, it will increase patient engagement and improve health outcomes by driving interaction between them and your practice. EHR for urologists needs a patient portal with online bill management, to offer patients a convenient and secure way to view and pay their bills. It needs secure communication exchange so that your patients can message you and your staff with questions or concerns. Check-in and appointment technology is also important for a patient portal to reduce wait times in the office. And lastly, EHR for urologist needs a patient portal that offers complete transparency so that patients have clear access to their medical records.

Fully Integrated Telehealth App

Finally, a good EHR for urologists should be fully integrated with a telehealth application built directly into the EHR platform so you can begin a telehealth visit with the click of a button and still have full access to your EHR during the entire visit. This should be mobile ready, allowing you to see patients from your mobile device and still access their health record. The telehealth application should offer geo-based functionality for billing purposes and so you can easily recommend the closest pharmacy. Lastly, this entire process should be as simple as possible for your patient, giving them the convenience they need with the quality care they deserve.

These 5 functions build the best EHR for Urologists. If you’re searching for an EHR for your urology practice and it is lacking these functions, move one and find one that does!

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