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Renae Rossow
Renae Rossow
Stories of Growth and Success for Chronic Care Management

Stories of Growth and Success for Chronic Care Management

An estimated 117 million adults have one or more chronic health conditions. Multiple lives are being saved each day due to Chronic Care Management services s- pecifically due to the 1:1 clinician to patient ratio. Testimonials and stories about patients benefiting from Chronic Care Management can be heard across the globe. Here are some of the success stories as described by actual certified medical assistants who provide these services.

Heart Attack Prevention

“I called a patient of mine who I speak to every month. During our phone call, she sounded very out of breath- which was out of the ordinary. We discussed her symptoms and it sounded like she was having a heart attack. She was having chest pain and shortness of breath, along with tightness in her chest. I called her primary care physician and they reached out to the patient to instruct her on what to do.”


Thanks to the quick actions of the chronic care management services provide, the patient was seen by a healthcare professional and a serious cardiac event was averted.

Goal setting

One patient lost a total of 100 pounds over the course of a year since starting chronic care management, stating the monthly conversations helped hold her accountable. She is now at her goal weight.


By lowering her obesity rate, this patient helped improve her chronic conditions overall and her expected health outcomes.  Additionally, serious conditions that could have resulted from her obesity were ultimately avoided.

Physical observations and diagnosis

One patient was discussing what she thought was a rash on her leg. She often gets rashes, so it wasn’t out of the ordinary for her. She mentioned that she had this rash for a few days. When the CCM provider began asking questions about her rash, it sounded a lot like cellulitis. It was inflamed, hot to touch and caused extreme sensitivity and pain. I advised her to schedule an appointment with her doctor immediately.


The patient was diagnosed and treated for cellulitis.  Because of the CCM provider, serious illness and expensive treatments were averted.

Verifying medication

Over the course of a year, one chronic care management services provider had noted that a patient continuously suffered from extreme reflux issues. It had gotten so bad, that she was vomiting after every meal and it was starting to affect her teeth. She visited many different specialists to try and get to the root of the problem. Finally, during one of our calls, I asked her if she had started any new medications when this all started. After doing some research, we found out that her latest medication could cause reflux as a side effect.


The patient spoke with her doctor and changed the medication.  She no longer suffers from her reflux issue. 


As you can see, chronic care management services can be an amazing service to add to your practice that will not only benefit your practice financially, but more importantly, will improve patient outcomes.  These are just a few of our success stories.  If you would like more information regarding Chronic Care Management, get your free consultation today: Get Consultation

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