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Renae Rossow
Renae Rossow
New Development for iSalus Healthcare CEHRT

New Development for iSalus Healthcare CEHRT

At iSalus, we love to make our clients happy so we’re always looking for ways to improve our software.  Here’s what we’ve been working on just for you:


1.       Patient Portal Overhaul – A Whole New Patient Experience!

a.       Mobile Ready

i.      The iSalus Healthcare team has been hard at work over the last several months completely rebuilding our Patient Portal from the ground up.  This effort started in January when we re-designed and built the Patient Portal to be mobile friendly.  There is now an app for both iPhones and Android devices that patients can download.  Your patient’s will be able to login, connect their account to your practice to enable new and exciting ways to communicate with you.  Patient’s can see their account balance, send you secure messages, see their upcoming appointments, and much more. Download the app today!

1.       Apple App Store

2.       Android Google Play

2.       Brand New Desktop Experience

a.       At the end of October, iSalus will be releasing the updated desktop version of the Patient Portal.  This version will be easier to use, faster, and mimic the look and feel of the mobile applications.  Now, your patients will have a seamless experience no matter which device they choose to use.

3.       Easier Connection Process

a.       We have made the process for patients to connect to your practice much easier.  Practices can now send an e-mail to the patient that will contain all of the information necessary to easily connect their Patient Portal account to your practice.  The patient will simply create an account, then verify their last name, date of birth, and the last four digits of their SSN in order to connect.

4.       Credit Card Payments

a.       In the next release of the Patient Portal, patients will be able to pay their bill securely from their phone.  We will provide patients access to their statement history, payment history, and a detailed account summary. 

5.       Patient Self Scheduling

a.       Practices can now give their patients access to schedule their own appointments at designated times.  You will be able to completely control when, where, and what types of appointments patients can schedule.  You will even be able to segment your patients into different populations to modify their access to the schedule.

6.       Telehealth for OfficeEMR Mobile – Practice Anywhere

a.       iSalus Healthcare rolled out our Telehealth module, AnywhereCare, in early 2017.  This allowed our practices to initiate a HIPAA compliant telemedicine visit with their patients from their laptop. Patient’s would receive a text-message or an e-mail with a link to connect and the session was underway.  In the very near future, we will allow providers to use our mobile application to initiate telehealth visits.  This new feature of OfficeEMR Mobile will let a provider see the patient’s chart and the video session at the same time.   Download the app today!

1.       Apple App Store

2.       Android Google Play Store

7.       Infrastructure Upgrade

a.       We have begun a project to upgrade nearly every piece of our cloud-based infrastructure.  We will be moving to faster and more reliable servers to make all of our products even more enjoyable to use.  Your data will continue to remain safe and secure with iSalus.


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