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Renae Rossow
Renae Rossow
MIPS 15 minutes to safety

MIPS 15 minutes to safety

If your goal for the first performance year of the Merit Incentive-Based Payment System (MIPS) is to simply avoid the - 4% payment adjustment in 2019, then below you will find step-by-step instructions as to how you can quickly put in place a strategy to spend the least amount of time making sure you are protected. 

Follow this systematic approach and you will safely avoid any negative adjustment:

1.       Verify your status as a MIPS eligible clinician by visiting the Quality Payment Program (QPP) website that CMS has provided.  You’ll need your National Provide Identifier (NPI) to do this.  Check our participation status now:

2.       When checking your eligibility status, if you are ineligible as an individual, make sure to note whether you should be included for Group Reporting.    (When the MIPS Dashboard is live you will set up all eligible clinicians in the OfficeEMR ® MIPS Dashboard for a 90-day reporting period.  If you are reporting as a group, be sure to setup group reporting eligible clinicians.)

3.       Select and complete Option A or B for a 90-day consecutive period:

a.       One of the following Improvement Activity:

                                                               i.      Sign-up for OfficeEMR® Telehealth Service (Learn More Here)

                                                             ii.      Sign-up Chronic Care Management Services (Learn More Here)

                                                           iii.      Start offering after-hours services to your patients

                                                           iv.      Selected a different Clinical Practice Improvement Activity

b.       Complete Base Advancing Care Information Score by completing all of the following tasks:

                                                               i.      Send at least one electronic prescription

                                                             ii.      Perform a Security Risk Analysis (SRA) for the practice

                                                           iii.      Send at least one summary of care using DIRECT to a provider you referred a patient to

                                                           iv.      Provide at least one patient access to their MyMedicalLocker (MML) account.  (Please note; The MML Welcome Letter is printed at check-out)

4.       Between January 1, 2018 and March 31, 2018, attest that you performed at least one improvement activity or the Advancing Care Information to CMS. 

By following each of the steps above, you will not be penalized by CMS in 2019 with a -4% payment adjustment.  Instead, you will receive nothing at all and your payments will continue uninterrupted.  

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