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Renae Rossow
Renae Rossow
iSALUS Healthcare Helps Providers Make a Smooth Transition to Telehealth

iSALUS Healthcare Helps Providers Make a Smooth Transition to Telehealth

In a recent article by The Huffington Post, contributor Marianna Glynska cites preemptive care as one of the keys to successful healthcare. She goes on to discuss how, in non-emergency situations, patients often want to get the doctor’s opinion without the effort of having to leave the comfort of their own home.  Since giving the office a call doesn’t seem to be an option these days, telehealth has entered the scene, not only as a valid solution but as a “magic wand” of sorts for providing patients peace of mind at these times. 

Glynska goes on to discuss how the shortfall of PCPs over the next decade could reach as high as 35,600 making telehealth technology key to plugging gaps in the system. At the same time, she goes on to explain that the critical factor will be getting wary physicians to actually adopt telemedicine

“Many doctors are wary of trying telemedicine because they don’t consider themselves ‘IT geeks’ and they’re sure the technology will get in the way of providing an accurate diagnosis.”

Toward the end of the article, Glynska explains how iSALUS Healthcare recognized the lack of integrated telehealth systems on the market that can be used by any doctor regardless of their technical ability, mentioning our recent launch of AnywhereCare, a fully integrated telehealth solution. 

You can read Marianna Glynska’s full article here on The Huffington Post here:

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