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Secure Communication

Robust Communication Hub

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Secure Communication

Busy medical practices struggle with mounds of paper communication floating in and out of the practice as well as between staff members. Many providers have expressed concerns about data security, HIPAA, and practice efficiencies.

To help your practice run more smoothly, iSALUS has created a robust communications hub which helps you with the following important features:

  • Securely send staff messages, patient charts, demographic records and claims.  
  • Send labs and prescription refill requests electronically in a work queue. 
  • Staff can send e-documents securely for review.  

Labs and orders are received electronically for practices using the iSALUS Electronic Health Records. Unfinished SOAP Notes and Unbilled Appointments are routed electronically into each provider's communications hub to ensure practices never miss a dime of revenue for services rendered. Electronic Faxes may be received or sent from iSALUS to allow practices to truly leverage the efficiency of a paperless office.

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