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Real-Time Insurance Eligibility Verification

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Practice Management consultants estimate that as many as 50% of denied claims occur as a result of practices not verifying that a patient is eligible. Combine that with the MGMA's estimate that rebilling a single claim can cost as much as $57 when you including duplicate efforts, and you've got yourself a recipe for massive inefficiency. This doesn't even take into consideration the percentage of claim denials that never receive adequate attention from billing staff, and consequently get written off causing practice revenue losses.

iSALUS understands that claim denials can really hurt a medical practice which is why we've created real-time insurance eligibility verification which allows front-desk staff to verify a patient's benefits status, copay, coinsurance, and services covered with a single mouse click from the appointment scheduler. Now, front-desk staff can hand patients aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand eligibility reports so they understand what they're paying for.

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