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Document Management

Go Truly Paperless

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Document Management

Medical offices are drowning under mounds of paper; some practices even have rooms full of paper occupying valuable space that could be used for patient exams that produce revenue. Even those practices using Electronic Health Records are typically still managing some aspects of their practice using paper, whether it be through practice faxes or a variety of other items.

iSALUS offers a truly fresh experience when it comes to paper management. ALL of your paper can be completely eliminated and stored in the iSALUS cloud.

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iSALUS' electronic document management features:

  • Create a rich file management system with folders & subfolders
  • Scan any paper document directly into iSALUS
  • Store scanned, attached or faxed documents in these folders & subfolders
  • Send e-documents to other staff members for review
  • Create reminders/tasks attached to e-documents
  • Fax e-documents with a single mouse click
  • Draw, add sticky notes to and attach e-documents to patient charts