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Data Validation

98% Clean Claims Submission Rate

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Data Validation

Today's medical billing landscape is complicated at the Insurance Carrier level. Carriers and clearinghouses have thousands of claim edits on file that result in claims being rejected after receipt.

iSALUS is proud to be able to maintain a 98% clean claims submission rate which means 98% of claims submitted make it through the clearinghouse to the insurance carrier without being rejected. This is critical for your practice because it means you get paid faster, receive fewer claims rejections and less denials. This way, you are able to keep more of your revenue.

iSALUS achieves this impressive 98% clean clams rate by relentlessly validating data. Demographic records, and claims are frequently scrubbed behind the scenes to make sure that any potential rejection is dealt with in real-time instead of waiting for the claim to go to the clearinghouse.

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