Billing Overview Video

Billing Overview Video


In just a moment, we’ll demonstrate how the iSALUS Integrated Billing and Scheduling Software eliminates the painful reviews of 90 page AR Aging Reports associated with outdated billing software programs which make billing employees so miserable they often quit their jobs. You know, it’s simple. Billing and Scheduling employees who like their jobs, work harder and produce better results. iSALUS allows you to scan a copy of a patient’s insurance card or driver’s license for easy retrieval. We’re going to start by searching for a new patient and then “quick creating” a demographic record. Quick creating demographics only requires entry of a handful of fields. Most front desk staff can learn how to use iSALUS in about 10 or 15 minutes.

Updating patient demographic records from the appointment calendar is only a few clicks away. You can save time and reduce denials by checking patient insurance eligibility with just a couple of mouse clicks. And with information like copay, deductible, coinsurance and procedures covered, you can better communicate requirements to patients. You can check a patient in and make sure they pass the billing validation checks and then collect a copay very easily. And iSALUS lets you quickly and efficiently print your receipts for patients.

You can print a patient’s superbill by right-clicking the appointment or batch print all superbills for each patient on the calendar that day. And for customers using the iSALUS integrated EHR and Billing Software, providers can quickly and easily fill out superbills and submit for processing. You can also track the practices financial health with colorful dashboards and submit daily claims batches from iSALUS without ever having to log into a clearinghouse. Doing everything from a single system reduces the risk of claims and revenue falling between the cracks.

With clearly summarized charts that show all claims rejections, practices get paid faster and more easily. You can even click in and being working the rejections. Fixing the rejections is very simple and straightforward. You just go to the field that needs to be fixed, change the value and then resubmit the claim. And when it comes to working accounts receivable, iSALUS lets you bill the work list by almost any criteria including fields like claim status, owner, provider and many more. A highlighted a red box intuitively informs the user that something was wrong and that’s why the claim was rejected. This is one of the ways iSALUS maintains a 98% clean claims submission rate. Again, as we fix the rejected claim we’ll go ahead and resubmit.

iSALUS makes it very easy for billing specialists to review previous comments and add new comments to claims as they work down accounts receivable. To save your practice hours of labor, iSALUS allows you to post ERAs or Electronic Remittance Advices, with a single mouse click. Posting a manual payment from an EOB is easy and intuitive. Simply select the line of service with an outstanding balance, apply the payment received and click the post option. iSALUS offers strong financial reporting so that you can track your accounts receivables at all times. This Aging Analysis Report lets us go in by either patient or insurance and see all outstanding balances and then print or export to Microsoft Excel for further analysis. The iSALUS Receipts Analysis Report lets you look at payments by service location, user or payment method. In this case we’ll display all locations. This is a very powerful analytical tool that lets you look at information by payment method and you can print the details that tell you everything about your daily receipts. See payment summaries by user and print the details when necessary.

The Practice Summary Report is a comprehensive report helpful for a practice’s month end, quarter end and year end reporting needs. This report allows you to view details by financial class, service location, user, payer, provider and code class. The charge analysis report breaks down charges according to several different variables and clicking into one of the reports allows you to drill down for deeper insight. As we drill into the E&M line, we can see procedure, RVU, units and several more.