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Real-Time Insurance Eligibility Verification

Real-Time Insurance Eligibility Verification

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Insurance Eligibility Verification 

Industry data indicates that as much as 50% of claims denials occur due to patients with invalid insurance benefits. Moreover, calling insurance companies to manually verify patient benefits takes valuable staff time that could be better leveraged on revenue generating activities.

iSALUS' real-time insurance eligibility verification allows front-desk staff to verify a patient's insurance benefits with a single mouse click. An easy-to-read eligibility report may be printed for the patient's review. This allows front-desk staff to increase point-of-care collections by sharing insurance details with patients.

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  • Co-payment Amount 
  • Deductible 
  • Percent of Deductible met 
  • Co-insurance Amount
  • Which visit types are covered for in-network or out-of-network visits