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E-Document Management

Robust E-Document System

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E-Document System 

We've heard stories from Medical Billing Specialists about renting storage space to store tens of thousands of CMS-1500 and supporting forms. With the right technology, you can avoid that hassle and help medical billing staff be more efficient, not to mention enjoy their jobs more.

This can only happen if the billing and scheduling software allows users to scan images, upload attachments, receive faxes and securely store all of these items in the cloud. Lucky for you, iSALUS has done this .

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iSALUS' Robust E-Document System Allows Users To:  

  • Create a Rich File Management System Containing Folders and Subfolders      
  • Scan Any Paper Documents Directly into iSALUS (i.e. Driver's Licenses)
  • Store Scanned, Attached, Faxed Documents in These Folders and Subfolders     
  • Send Electronic Documents to other Staff Members for Review 
  • Create Reminders and Tasks Attached to Electronic Documents  
  • Fax Electronic Documents with a Single Mouse Click     
  • Draw on Electronic Documents, Add Electronic Sticky Notes to Them and Attach Electronic Documents to Patient Charts for Easy Retrieval