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Data Validation

Claim Data Validation System

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Data Validation

The medical billing process is complicated, information-heavy and includes several different steps. It's a process that is ripe for errors. Moreover, insurance carriers have systems with millions of complicated claims edits that automatically deny claims upon receipt. Practices need a medical billing software program that allows them to avoid claims rejections and denials before they even happen.

iSALUS' proprietary Claims Validation System provides system users with pop-up reminders throughout the patient lifecycle to make sure problems get fixed in real-time, and before the claims even arrive at the Insurance Carrier. As a result, iSALUS proudly maintains a 98% clean claims rate! That means that only 2% of claims submitted to the clearinghouse are rejected. Practices who use iSALUS get paid faster and expend fewer billing labor hours to get their claims paid.

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