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Clearinghouse Integration

Claims Clearinghouse Integration

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Clearinghouse Integration 

Many billing software programs don't have a bi-directional integration with a clearinghouse. In this scenario, users enter charges in the billing software that are saved to a hard drive as a claims batch, then login to an external clearinghouse to upload the batch. This process is dangerous and lends itself to claims falling between the cracks which could cause the practice to lose revenues.

Much of the risk is because all of the claims in the billing software have a "submitted" status when the same claims might have a rejected status at the clearinghouse. It's impossible to run accurate Accounts Receivable Aging reports in the billing software since claim statuses aren't reliable or accurate. Making sure payments are received within a timely manner is nearly impossible. Practices in this predicament often receive a lot of timely filing denials, get paid slowly or even have to take out a line of credit to keep the practice operational.

iSALUS has solved this major problem for medical practices by developing a strong bi-directional integration with the Capario clearinghouse.  In iSALUS, claim statuses are always updated and accurate. Practice Owners, Office Managers and Billing Specialists can review iSALUS dashboards to review claims statuses without worrying about data loss between two separate systems.

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