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Accounts Receivable Management

Accounts Receivable Management

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Accounts Receivable Management 

Does this sound familiar? You print a 90 page A/R Aging report. Begin highlighting claims using different colored highlighters. Use asterisks in blue ink to remind you to follow-up on claims older than 90 days, red asterisks to remind you to follow-up on claims between 90-120 days old. After spending hours marking up your report, you then start making payer phone calls, handwriting your notes on yellow stickies that you stick on the top of the report. And after all that work, you know you'll need to rinse and repeat, starting all over again from scratch for the next report.

If this horror story sounds familiar, iSALUS has you covered. Our Accounts Receivable Management tools allow you to digitize your claims follow-up process.

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Top iSALUS' system reporting data:    

  • Work Down Rejections with a Single Mouse Click From the Dashboard  
  • Filter Claims Follow-Up Lists   
  • Add Status Comments to Claims  
  • Set Claim Follow-Up Reminders