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Visualize Treatment

Easy Access To Important Information From Anywhere.

The OfficeEMR™ Patient Timeline is receiving rave reviews from providers across the country. Addiction Specialists can easily view a patient’s past encounter notes, medications, lab results and patient communications all in one place. With OfficeEMR™ you have access to your patient records anywhere, anytime.

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Flexible Configuration

Numerous Options For Treatment Documentation.

From the initial clinical evaluation to medication management and prolonged treatment, OfficeEMR™ offers the best solution for Addiction Specialists. Providers can quickly alternate between numerous addiction options including DSM5 substance abuse worksheets, SOWS, Suboxone Induction and DSM5 gambling related disorders. OfficeEMR™’s flexible configuration will make it easier to document your patient’s treatments.

Make Your Documentation Easier
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Charge Capture Safety Net

Never Miss Another Charge Again.

You and your staff work too hard to leave revenue on the table due to inadequate checks and balances. With OfficeEMR™’s Missing Claims Safety Net, the system will incorporate a charge ticket within your workflow for each appointment and track those left unbilled. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you'll never leave unbilled encounter revenues on the table again!

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