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Optimized Appointment Scheduler

Make Your Front Desk More Effective Than Ever.

Just as the mind, body and spirit connection is critical to a healthy lifestyle, so is easy scheduling, quick clinical documentation and billing critical to a healthy Acupuncture Practice. OfficeEMR™ lets Acupuncturists across the country enjoy the benefits of an all-in-one, intuitive and innovative solution. Every encounter starts with an appointment, which is like mission control for the practice, keeping everything on track. With OfficeEMR™ Appointment Re-occurrence Scheduling and Appointment Reminders, practices can enjoy an increasingly effective front desk.

Become More Effective
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Efficient Documentation

Never Re-Document Again.

OfficeEMR™ understands that efficiently documenting your treatment protocols is critical to the health of your patients and your practice. Acupuncturists across the country have reduced the amount of time they spend documenting with OfficeEMR™’s Note Forwarding feature. Quickly choose a note from a previous visit and paste it to the current treatment date for editing. Now you can give more of your attention to your patients.

Spend More Time With Patients
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Expedite Cash Flow

Never Miss a Charge Again .

Eliminate duplicate data entry, missed charges and error rates with electronic charge tickets. OfficeEMR™’s billing functionality allows your tickets to become instant claims submitted within minutes of a patient’s visit. Customization is included for supplements, pain relief items and more.

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