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What We Do

What We Do for Healthcare Professionals

Dr. Chuck Dietzen, co-founder, was tired of being frustrated by Electronic Health Records software that kept him from his patients. The time he had to spend documenting was time that he could not spend communicating and caring for his patient. It was simply unacceptable. That's when our co-founders, Dr. Chuck and Michael Hall, got together and realized that every healthcare professional is different. In order to offer each of you with the best user experience possible, we must first understand exactly what your needs are. Since the beginning, iSALUS Healthcare has focused on customization that meets the individual needs of each healthcare professional we serve.

Our EHR, OfficeEMRTM, offers thousands of templates in almost every specialization because we’ve been building them from our inception. If one of our templates doesn’t meet the specific needs of a new user, we offer further customization to make sure you can practice medicine the way you want. Because iSALUS Healthcare is built on the notion that our end goal is to make a healthcare provider’s life easier, we knew the importance of a developing a mobile application that allows you to take thousands of patient’s charts with you wherever you go. Not only will you have the ability to write prescriptions, view patient charts, view or upload images, you can also finish charting and even create superbills from anywhere with an internet connection. We don’t just want to improve the quality of care you provide, we want to improve the quality of life you live.

What We Do for Practices

As the healthcare industry continues to change and new regulations continue to be introduced, iSALUS Healthcare works harder than ever to push beyond the industry standard. We strive to offer software solutions that not only meet the provider’s needs but directly impact the efficiency in which a practice is managed so that users can spend their valuable time focusing on patients instead of documentation and compliance.

With products like OfficeEMRTM, we make it affordable and simple to manage your practice in a way that increases profitability while still allowing you to focus on improving the quality of care you provide. Our truly unified billing and scheduling software allows you to never miss a charge again within just a couple of mouse clicks. We know that your bottom line is important to the health of your practice overall and our software makes it incredibly easy for you to understand your practice financials by providing a dashboard that makes reporting easier than ever before.

What We Do for the Community

At iSALUS Healthcare, our servant leaders serve others. Our Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Chuck Dietzen, is also the Founder and President of Timmy Global Health, an Indianapolis-based nonprofit that expands access to healthcare and empowers students and volunteers to tackle today’s most pressing global health challenges. Needless to say, iSALUS has an omnipresent connection with the charity as it’s near and dear to our hearts.

What started as a humble, grassroots non-profit in a hospital closet in Indianapolis has matured into a nation-wide and global non-profit. Timmy now directly supports 10 project sites in 5 developing countries (Ecuador, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Nigeria and El Salvador), has university and high school chapters at more than 50 schools across the United States and indirectly supports dozens of additional international and local healthcare non-profits through its Indianapolis-based medical supply warehouse. At iSALUS, we make it a priority to donate both time and money to Timmy in any way possible.