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What We Believe - 6 Things We Know to Be True

  1. If we focus on the provider, we can impact the efficiency of a practice.
    Since the beginning, we have wanted to make it easier for a healthcare professional to continue practicing medicine while meeting the regulations that were forcing them to institute technology into their practice. We understood that each healthcare professional is different and we wanted to meet their individual needs so they could continue practicing medicine the way they wanted to. In order to do this, we get to know each new user’s specialty and methodology so we can understand their practice and what was most important for them to accomplish.
  2. More detailed documentation equals a better user experience.
    Each user is unique in their needs and daily workflows. Because of this, we spend time getting to know the user’s specialty and their specific workflows. Our customized templates are truly helpful to the user, making it easier for them to quickly and successfully complete each task at hand so that more time can be spent with the patient.
  3. True unification equals superior communication between programs.
    A truly unified system means there is one login to access everything. This results in real communication that reduces the chance of errors while increasing the success of each task. From scheduling to billing, each step is equally important and never require the user to log out of one system and log into another. That simply is a waste of time and increases the risk of error.
  4. Good software can directly result in improved patient care.
    By providing a software solution for healthcare providers that makes it easier to complete each step of the workflow necessary, they will have more time to focus on providing care to their patients. Your EHR should be a catalyst for improved patient care, not an obstacle.
  5. Regulations that effect medical practices will always be changing.
    Our government is deeply involved in the administration of healthcare through services like Medicare and Medicaid. Because of this, there will be a consistent effort to improve healthcare overall. These constant measures will result in the creation of regulations that effect healthcare providers across the board.
  6. Our software must always evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of healthcare professionals.
    Healthcare changes with each passing year. New discoveries, new treatments, new illnesses and methodologies are consistently uncovered and because of this, the needs of your practice will need to follow suit. We understand this and strive to meet each and every new requirement quickly and effectively so that your workflows are not interrupted and you can continue to offer excellent patient care.