UroChoice will help you take back control of the doctor-patient relationship.

Urology Vitals

Interactive Summaries

Easily Compare All Patient Data.

Instantly visualize your patient’s lab results, procedures and other therapies without combing through volumes of data. OfficeEMR’s™ interactive summary screen saves you time by putting all of the information you need most, in one easily accessible location.

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Urology iPhone

Charts At Your Fingertips!

Connect from Anywhere

Charge Capture

Secure Communications

Voice Dictation

Prescribe Anywhere

Mobile Imaging

Prescribing Gets Easier

Writing a Prescription Shouldn’t be a Nightmare.

We know you’re busy. That’s why OfficeEMR’s™ simple yet powerful e-prescription process not only looks and feels like a prescription pad, it does so much more! Now you can quickly and easily prescribe medications electronically from anywhere with cell service.

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Urology History

Detailed Patient History

A Satisfying Documentation Experience.

Detailed and efficient documentation of a patient’s history and outcome is vital to their care. OfficeEMR™ allows you to choose one of the gold standard Urology forms or have us customize a form for your specific needs. Regardless of the condition, the data you need will be there ready.

Upgrade Your Documentation