About Us - Overview

Company Overview

The iSALUS Mission

iSALUS Healthcare’s mission is to provide healthcare professionals with affordable yet innovative electronic health records and practice management solutions that will increase their efficiency so they can spend more time focusing on patient care while continuing to grow their practice and maximize profitability.

The Meeting of our Founders

iSALUS Healthcare was founded in the year 2000, by Dr. Chuck Dietzen, a Pediatric Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist and Founder of Timmy Global Health - and Michael Hall, a Software Developer who developed large scale software solutions for fortune 500 companies. They met while Michael Hall was doing volunteer work in Ecuador with Dr. Chuck’s organization, Timmy Global Health. Mike became intrigued by Dr. Chuck’s outspoken frustration with the Electronic Health Records he was being forced to use at that time. Together, they decided to form a company specifically for the purpose of providing a better electronic medical records system than what was available to healthcare professionals at that time. Since then, iSALUS has grown to serve thousands of clinicians across the United States.

The Story Behind the "iSALUS" Name

We're often asked about the meaning behind iSALUS. The name iSALUS came about after our co-founders embraced the mission of having a positive impact on the delivery of healthcare for providers who use their products and the communities they served. After they researched, they came across Salus, the ancient Roman Goddess of health, prosperity and the public welfare. As a one-woman health service Goddess, Salus was responsible for the health of both individuals and the Roman state. One of her titles, SALUS PUBLICA POPULI ROMANI (“Goddess of the public welfare of the Roman people”), is a great illustration of her all-encompassing role. She is often depicting holding or feeding a snake, a common symbol of healing, or by snakes coiled around a staff, symbolic of the practice of medicine. It resonated with both Mike and Dr. Chuck, so they decided to take that root name and add the “I” in front of it because they knew they wanted to offer internet-based solutions that would be both easy to use and affordable for healthcare providers to acquire. To round the company name out, they added healthcare after the “iSALUS” name, as it represented the mission to positively impact healthcare.