About iSALUS Video


iSALUS Healthcare offers an all-in-one solution for your practice. With a single login, you can access your practice management, EHR and billing system for seamless workflows from scheduling to billing.

Our award-winning timeline provides a historical snapshot of your patients offering immediate access to the critical information you need for increased efficiency and improved patient care. Review a patient’s entire active medication list and its impact with medication tracking. Documentation notes and interoffice messages are easily accessible. Lab orders and results appear on your initial screen for immediate review.

The vitals analysis gives you an interactive summary visual to quickly graph your patient’s vitals, medications, lab results and more on a single screen. The visual tracking allows you to see trends over time by graphing key clinical data for a patient’s condition.

The iScheduler is user friendly and feature rich! Easy enough for front office staff to learn and use in minutes, robust enough to run an ever-changing practice. Its customizable color-coded appointments statuses allow you to visualize your work day. Quickly add and track appointments by type and highlight their chief complaint along with any additional comments.

We serve over 40+ specialties through an interactive library of over 2,000 templates that can be personalized and customized for any specialty. That customization includes:

  • Customized Documentation – efficient documentation critical to your workflow
  • Detailed Patient History – a satisfying documentation experience
  • Custom File Management – complete patient records at your fingertips
  • E-Prescribing – writing prescriptions shouldn’t be a nightmare

Practice on the go with our mobile app. Our mobile app provides the ability to practice anywhere with 10,000 charts in your pocket! Conveniently write E-Prescriptions, finish superbills and send secure messages to patients and staff – all from your mobile phone.

Our billing integration gives you 100% transparency. From appointment to claim and eventual payment, see status changes from inside the application and reduce the risk of missed claims.

Monitor the financial health of your practice. Track your practice’s overall financial performance by comparing previous month to current month using multiple data points.

Need support? We’re only a call or click away. With our US-based responsive support team, you can choose between a call center or ticket submission process to receive quick answers to any problems that arise. And with our iSALUS University online training, users can learn at their own convenience and watch quick review videos when necessary.

If you're frustrated with your current EHR or are looking into a new solution for the first time, give us a call at 888-280-6678 or request a free demo at: http://isalushealthcare.com/request